COVID-19: These are the 16 countries that exceed 100,000 cases in America

On Monday, November 23, Venezuela exceeded 100,000 positive cases for COVID-19

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On Monday, November 23, Venezuela exceeded 100,000 positive cases for COVID-19. It reached that figure after eight months of confinement. During the last quarter, Venezuela has passed into flexible quarantines. Thus, it became the 16th country in America to reach that number of infections.

The figure was confirmed by the Presidential Commission for the Prevention of COVID-19. That day, the death of two Venezuelans and 308 new infections were reported, for a total of 100,143 cases.

During the pandemic, other countries have endured the COVID-19 crisis in different ways. Many of them reached 100,000 infections months before Venezuela and currently their figures remain alarming and uncontrolled.

But how did the coronavirus behave in these countries and when did the hundred thousandth contagion occur? The first country to count that figure on the continent was the United States. The North American nation surpassed that record on March 27, and by that time it counted 1,544 deaths.

The second country to reach this figure was Brazil. The South American giant reached 100,000 cases on May 3. That same day it already exceeded 7,000 deaths. Even on that day, Brazil registered 4,588 positive cases and 275 deaths in 24 hours, according to the Ministry of Health, which confirmed 101,147 infections in total.

COVID-19 in Peru, Chile, Mexico and Canada

Then, on May 20, Peru joined, registering more than 100,000 cases and 3,000 deaths to date. That day there were 4,537 positive cases and the number of infected reached 104,020 people. In addition, there were 110 new deaths, bringing the total number to 3,024.

Chile was the fourth country to exceed 100,000 cases and that happened on June 1. That day, 5,471 new infections and 59 deaths were added, for a total of 105,159 infected and 1,113 deaths since March 3, when the first infections were detected.

At that moment, the pandemic was out of control and between May and June cases increased more than 500%. Likewise, deaths went from 234 to 1,113, an increase of 375%.

Mexico was the fifth country to exceed the figure, on June 3, 2020. On that date, it reported 3,912 new cases, bringing the total number of infected people to 101,238. In addition, that day they counted 1,092 deaths that raised the fatalities to 11,729.

Canada was added to the list on June 18. That day, it added 173 new positive cases and the total number reached 100,026. Meanwhile, the deceased numbered 8,257.


Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia

Subsequently, on July 1, Colombia exceeded 100,000 cases of coronavirus and was approaching 3,500 deaths. The Ministry of Health confirmed for that date 4,163 infections, which raised the total number to 102,009.

The next country was Ecuador, since the end of February when the first cases were detected, it reached 100 thousand cases on August 15. That day the number of infections reached the official number of 100,688 infections and 6,065 deaths. However, in this nation an alternate registry of «probable deaths from COVID-19» is managed, which at that date had 3,567 deaths.

The next day, August 16, 100,000 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Bolivia, with more than 4,000 deaths. The Ministry of Health reported that 1,198 infections were registered that day, reaching 100,344. In addition to that, deaths totaled 4,058 victims.


Central America and the Caribbean

On September 8, The Dominican Republic was the first Caribbean country to join the continental list. That day it reached 100,131 coronavirus infections, with 1,889 deaths, according to the Ministry of Public Health.

Then, on September 12, Panama became the first country in Central America to exceed 100,000 coronavirus infections. On that date, it counted 2,500 deceased.

A month later, on October 16, Guatemala reached 100,000 confirmed cases and became the second Central American country. That day, the Ministry of Health detailed that they counted 100,431 positive cases and 3,478 fatalities.


Then Costa Rica was next, on Thursday, October 22. On that day, the authorities announced that they would eliminate the requirement to present a negative COVID-19 test to tourists arriving in the country. The measure was a way to facilitate the entry of income from tourism, seeking to get out of the economic and employment crisis generated by the pandemic.

On that same date, 1,191 new cases were counted, to reach 100,616. In addition, the death registry reached 1,251, with ages ranging from 9 to 100 years.

The last country to join – before Venezuela – was Honduras, which reached 100,041 cases with 7,025 deaths on November 8. This was reported by the National Risk Management System (Sinager).


The numbers of COVID-19 in these countries

Until this November 25, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 is close to 60 million people. Specifically, there are 59 million 939 thousand 306, with one million 412 thousand 669 fatalities.

According to the figures recorded by Johns Hopkins University, updated to November 25, 2020, the countries of the America continent that have already confirmed more than 100,000 cases, present the following data:

  • United States: 12 million 598,722 cases and 259,979 deaths.
  • Brazil: 6 million 118,708 cases and 170,115 deaths.
  • Argentina: 1 million 381,795 cases and 37,432 deaths.
  • Colombia: 1 million 262,494 cases and 35,677 deaths.
  • Mexico: 1 million 060,152 cases and 102,739 deaths.
  • Peru: 952,439 cases and 35,685 deaths.
  • Chile: 543,087 cases and 15,131 deaths.
  • Canada: 346,013 cases and 11,676 deaths.
  • Ecuador: 186,436 cases and 13,264 deaths.
  • Panama: 156,930 cases and 2,986 deaths.
  • Bolivia: 144,147 cases and 8,928 deaths.
  • Dominican Republic: 139,111 cases and 2,313 deaths.
  • Costa Rica: 133,190 cases and 1,662 deaths.
  • Guatemala: 119,349 cases and 4,099 deaths.
  • Honduras: 105,211 cases and 2,869 deaths
  • Venezuela: 100,498 cases and 876 deaths

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