German millionaire says he has the cure: is the COVID-19 vaccine ready?

The theory arises that laboratories are not interested in getting the vaccine so soon because they would not be able to generate the desired profits once they put the drug on the market
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A few days ago, news circulated of the alleged discovery of the COVID-19 vaccine. The finding was made by a German-born billionaire scientist Winfried Stocker, who reported that since the new coronavirus emerged, he has been working to find an effective cure for the pandemic and apparently succeeded.

When the pandemic began to affect the planet, Stocker decided not to wait for the emergence of a clinically tested and licensed vaccine against COVID-19, and set out to create his own formula, being himself the patient to test the effectiveness of the drug.

Stocker, who is the founder of a company specializing in the production of laboratory test equipment and systems, says he created a vaccine, tested it on his body, and says it is successful.

Given this news, the idea has emerged that the COVID-19 pandemic was created to cause a global paralysis of the economy and directly affect the oil market, taking into account that many of the crude-producing countries are considered «enemies» of States United.

In the same order is the direct attack on China by the Government of Donald Trump, who has tried to classify the pandemic as «the Chinese virus», trying to blame the Asian giant for a pandemic that today has the epicenter of the outbreak, with very high levels of contagion, in the US.

It is no coincidence that crude oil prices have fallen to their lowest levels in history, even with negative markers, something unprecedented. So, the collective doubt arises about the work of the pharmaceutical giants, which after six months of the first contagion officially detected in Wuhan, China – although some investigations indicate that the virus first appeared in 2019 in the US and Europe- have not been able to obtain the vaccine that ‘cuts off the root’ of the SARS-CoV-2.

While the largest laboratories claim to be working on the vaccine and some promise to have it ready by the end of the year, Stocker, professor emeritus at the University of Lübeck, Germany, and of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Wuhan, China, did do it.


Vaccination against COVID-19 must be done now

Stocker reported on the progress of his research and explained that an «extremely powerful research and development department» was created at the Euroimmun laboratory, which deals, among other things, with the diagnosis of infectious diseases.

«Our scientists were among the first to create reagents for the detection of a number of emerging infectious diseases, often in collaboration with specialists from leading infection research institutions», Stocker noted, adding that Euroimmun was «the first company outside of China to obtain the approval of ELISA tests and real-time PCR for the diagnosis of COVID-19”.

The scientist revealed that, based on his extensive experience in developing reactive agents for the diagnosis of new viral diseases, Euroimmun has created and produced “an antigen construct with which antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 can be reliably detected».

«It is based on the S1 subunit of the spike protein, with which the virus binds to the receptors in the target cells», said Stocker, who assured that, from now on, a global vaccination should be scheduled.

«The force with which the coronavirus affects us requires an unconventional approach. In my opinion, an effective vaccination program should start as soon as possible», said the billionaire.

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Total immunity

To save time, the businessman did not request official approval and made a recombinant antigen based on that of Euroimmun and injected it to himself several times with the help of an assistant.

«Now I’m immune!», declared Stocker, who said the vaccination procedures he carried out were effective.

«As expected, specific antibodies have been developed that were able to neutralize the coronavirus in the virus cell culture. I am now immune to SARS-CoV-2! ”, Stocker said.

According to the scientist, he tolerated the vaccines well, felt good at all times and remained in good health.

«The antibodies against the virus nucleocapsid examined in parallel did not form, so the serologically tested anti-S1 antibodies cannot originate from a coronavirus infection that went unnoticed during the test period», added the German businessman.


Why wait up to two years for the vaccine?

The regular process for approving a vaccine, according to scientists, must take several steps: it must first be tested on animals, and then, at various stages, on humans.

Subsequently, in the case of European countries such as Germany, the procedure to obtain the permission of the regulatory body, the European Medicines Agency, begins. All of this can take from one to two years.

In that sense, Stocker proposes that three quarters of the population of Germany and even the United States, could be vaccinated with SARS-CoV-2 S1 within the next six months. Until then, strict quarantine measures could be maintained, but then lifted, suggested the expert.

Anticipating objections from skeptics, Stocker proposes testing the vaccine first on a small number of volunteers, and then on representatives of the risk group, such as medical personnel. «There will be no new cases among those vaccinated with S1 or dangerous side effects», he said.

But as expected, the scientific community is not convinced. Experts highlight that so far, there is insufficient data, not only to allow the massive use of the vaccine, but even for clinical studies, reports the German newspaper Saechsische.

The theory also arises that laboratories are not interested in getting the vaccine so soon because they would not be able to generate the desired profits once they put the drug on the market.

But, the disease already affects 4 million 775 thousand people, as of May 18, 2020, with 317,515 deaths, and according to the World Health Organization, the worst moment of the pandemic has not been reached.

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