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Is the ‘Popular Consultation’ of Guaidó as ‘reliable’ as the US elections?

Juan Guaidó no longer knows how to try to justify his false “interim government” to the international media

Is the ‘Popular Consultation’ of Guaidó as ‘reliable’ as the US elections?

Autor: Alexis Rodriguez

Juan Guaidó no longer knows how to try to justify his false “interim government” to the international media. It turns out that now he «invented» a new facade to make people believe that they have some political control in Venezuela. Guaidó, himself, called that ‘something’ “Popular Consultation”.

Not even his own followers believe in this new chapter of his farce. Many even call him a «scammer» on social networks, since he never fulfills his plans and promises. Now, he intends to use this «consultation» to perpetuate his false «interim government» until after January 5. That day, the new parliament, now with a Chavista majority, will be sworn in when the new legislative period begins.

The so-called ‘Popular Consultation’ of Guaidó would have an extensive agenda that includes two modalities, one digital and the other face-to-face. According to him, it is approved by «Venezuelans inside and outside the country». Also by the «National Assembly» which is in contempt of national laws.


The ‘plagiarism’ of Guaidó and company

Both modalities are a carbon copy, not to say plagiarism, of the recent US electoral process that took place over several weeks. In the North American nation it all began with the vote by mail and then the face-to-face session on November 3.

In this regard, current President Donald Trump, who won with the same system, assures that Joe Biden’s triumph was a fraud. The magnate denounces that the entire structure of this process is irregular and allows cheating.

The US elections are widely criticized, as their complex structure allows the candidate with the fewest votes to win. That was precisely what happened in 2016, when Trump beat Hillary Clinton. Well, it was that system that Guaidó’s “Organizing Committee of the Popular Consultation” took as an example.


A ‘consultation’ so as to be eternal

His so-called «Popular Consultation» will last several days for «the expression of will» of those who participate via digital. That will be between December 5 and 12, the date on which the «face-to-face demonstration» will take place. According to Guaidó, «relevant biosecurity mechanisms will be used», although he does not indicate where or how it will be done.

Surely, as is the case in the United States, Guaidó’s «consultation» will also take several days to define a result, or it may never be published. The only difference between both processes is that surely no one will call ‘fraud’, as Trump did that night of November 3.

However, the most likely thing to occur is that Guaidó will declare himself the winner again, as Trump did on November 3. More than a month later, the tycoon maintains the theory of fraud, despite the fact that the world already recognizes Biden. Even his government has already begun the transition and treats Biden as the new head of the White House.


Guaidó and company assure that the «Popular Consultation of Guaidó» (as it is known), will have «control mechanisms» to «identify anomalies». In addition, it is supposedly «auditable and reliable», but nowhere do they say which are or how many will be the data verification mechanisms or who or which organizations would be present in those audits.

Possibly, the Organization of American States (OAS) is willing to certify Guaidó’s “popular consultation”. Its most recent precedent was the «fraud» without evidence that it called out in the Bolivian elections in 2019. Its reckless and public complaint provoked a coup against Evo Morales and the immediate imposition of the dictatorship of the also self-proclaimed «interim president», Jeanine Áñez .

In fact, the same OAS also participated as an observer in the US elections and said that everything had been correct. In other words, it didn’t even flinch by Trump’s allegation of fraud.

In fact, the position of this «institution» directed by Luis Almagro was described as strange, because in Bolivia he did not hesitate to call ‘fraud’ and this time he ignored the alleged irregularities committed in different electoral centers that gave Biden the victory .

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