Nightmare in Ecuador: Lenín Moreno cannot hide the corpses by COVID-19

A regrettable and terrifying nightmare is what that Ecuadorians are suffering under the Lenin Moreno regime in the midst of the pandemic unleashed by COVID-19; due to the inaction at the moment of taking preventive measures to protect the population from the virulent disease, now they see how the country literally becomes a mass grave […]

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A regrettable and terrifying nightmare is what that Ecuadorians are suffering under the Lenin Moreno regime in the midst of the pandemic unleashed by COVID-19; due to the inaction at the moment of taking preventive measures to protect the population from the virulent disease, now they see how the country literally becomes a mass grave with corpses in the middle of the street at broad daylight this portrays the inhumanity of his management

Until this Wednesday, April 1 – according to figures from the ruling regime – Ecuador presents 2,748 cases of infections, with 93 people dead and just 58 patients recovered. But, according to citizen complaints and police records only in the city of Guayaquil, the death toll easily exceeds 400 victims.

An indicator to take into account is that the country – headed by the right-wing ultra-conservative Lenín Moreno – has an average contagion rate of 139.05 people for every million inhabitants, a figure that even exceeds the indicator of infections in the world, which is located at 125.18.

In videos broadcast on Twitter, it can be seen how Ecuadorians are victims of neglect by the State and police action they, instead of maintaining strict preventive management amongst the vulnerable population they leaves bodies of deceased by COVID-19 lying in the street and inside houses.

In one of the videos, we can see a person carrying a coffin and a group of policemen bring the corpse of the truck and leave it in the middle of the street.

Another recording shows a lady who has the bodies of her recently deceased parents wrapped in sheets on the floor of the entrance to her house and that no health authority from the Moreno Government has wanted to give her help,

The lady, who asks for desperate help, also confesses that she has a dry cough, fever and discomfort, as do the members of her family who live in the same house where the bodies of her parents lie.

Uncontrolled exponential growth in infections

The contagion figures in Ecuador have maintained an exponential curve since the first case was detected on February 29.

Despite calls from the World Health Organization (WHO) for countries to dictate preventive measures of collective quarantine and social distancing, the Moreno regime refused to apply them until the pandemic had already become uncontrolled in the country.

On March 21, the then Minister of Health of Ecuador, Catalina Andramuño, presented her resignation in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, alleging that the imposition of officials who have no knowledge of public health was unacceptable.

Another reason for her resignation was the difficulty of facing reality in the the crisis situation generated in the country by COVID-19, since she denounced that facing a health emergency without resources is «complicated», since almost a month after the detection of the First contagion, the health ministry had not received «any budgetary allocation by the competent authority, for the management of the emergency.»

In fact, after Andramuño’s resignation, Lenín Moreno himself gave statements to report on the provision for prevention teams, the nursing and medical staff that face the pandemic and that, from the first contagion, had not enough supplies to attend the sanitary emergency.

More than 400 corpses decompose in Guayaquil

The two before mentioned videos are cases that occurred in the city of Guayaquil, a city that, according to citizen complaints, has more than 400 deaths from COVID-19 , that are in a state of decomposition lying on the streets and inside houses

A report from the Ecuadorian newspaper El Universo denounces that the people of Guayaquil no longer know what to do with the bodies that decompose in their homes, as some people have been locked up with the bodies of their relatives for up to four days without being removed by legal medicine.

A similar number cited, on Monday night,  by Guayaquil councilman Andrés Guschmer, who denounced that this list was 400.

The media also highlights that «the fear of the relatives and neighbours is getting infected. This brought the reaction of a group of people who burned rubbers and a pieces of furniture on Monday night at 19 and Q, a suburb of Guayaquil. There the family of a man who had died three days ago demanded that the authorities remove the body. Some deaths have been recorded in this sector, was the alert by the media».

According to the newspaper, since Thursday of last week, the Police has reported more than 550 deaths in homes. In this regard, Jorge Wated, president of the board of BanEcuador and current manager of the removal of the bodies, explained that about 150 bodies are collected each day.

“We have already buried almost 50 deceased in a dignified way, it is not a common grave. The other corpses go to the provisional morgues at different points such as the Guasmo hospital, in Teodoro Maldonado, Los Ceibos and Monte Sinaí hospital,”explained Wated, who admitted that there are some morgues that have already collapsed.


Mayor buys containers for the corpses

The Mayor of Guayaquil, Cynthia Viteri, offered shocking and revealing statements about the terrible reality suffered by the inhabitants of that city of

Ecuador, where unofficially there could be more than 450 deaths due to the lack of control of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus COVID-19. .

Speaking to Telesur, Viteri explained that the health authorities of the Lenín Moreno regime are not removing the people who die in their homes as a result of the infection. «They leave them on the sidewalks, they fall in front of the hospitals, and nobody wants to pick them up.»

Regarding people suffering from the disease, she indicated that many families «wander around the city knocking on doors to be cared for and be received by a public hospital where there are no more beds, they close their doors, they leave them outside.»

«In vans, nurses come out to put oxygen on patients but keep their doors closed, private clinics are saturated, but here the solution is not to let them die outside the clinics,» he added.

On the other hand, she said, «people call the phone they were given and no one answers, and if they answer they hung up and if not, they leave them waiting, and – finally – they never get to do the tests. Is there or is there not enough COVID-19 tests for patients who have severe coronavirus symptoms? ‘

Given the inaction of the Government of Lenín Moreno, the mayor, who was the same person who decided to place vans in the middle of the runway of the city airport to prevent a plane from the Spanish airline Iberia from arriving, fearing that new infected people would enter, she took a series of measures of her own to serve the population of Guayaquil in the midst of the pandemic, including the purchase of giant containers to stack the corpses of hospitals.

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