Doctors from Italy and the US doubt that COVID-19 sprang up in China

On March 12, the Chinese Foreign Ministry reported that the North American Army were in charge of introducing coronavirus 19 to Wuhan, the city where the first major outbreak of the infection was registered

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The United States Government is committed to consolidating the idea that the COVID-19 coronavirus emerged in the city of Wuhan, China. To do this, the entire international media platform has lobbied for this matrix of opinion to be sown in the public opinion.

In 2019, the US frontal war was evident in the imposition of tariffs on Chinese exports, as well as in their support for the destabilization in Hong Kong and the case of alleged theft of technological information that companies from this Asian country would have done against US companies.

In the same order, the boycott of Washington against the 5G technology that made China available to the world comes to light, in addition to the blockade against the cell phone brand Huawei, which put Apple in check, for its enormous capacity regarding the relation between quality and cost, among other peculiarities.

In the midst of that war, according to the narrative of the White House and the large hegemonic media, it seems that the US is always the victim and «the Chinese Communists» the most perverse offenders. However, what is hardly told in this story is that Washington seeks at all costs to maintain its world hegemony, the imposition of the dollar as a global currency and continue to be recognized as the first economy on the planet.

In the last two decades, armed frontal wars have not brought fruit to Washington to sustain its hegemonic power. China, on the other hand, with its industrialization, has positioned itself as the nation that will displace the United States – although many experts maintain that it has already done so – as the first world economy, with other nations that follow its path, including Russia and India, two other giants that have also planted themselves in the face of the US.

Given this, the imposed theory that COVID-19 is «Chinese», or made in China, as Donald Trump recently said, more than consolidating itself in peoples minds, seems to dilute and thus make a kind of rebound effect that places the Pentagon as the main factor, responsible for the pandemic, which already has at least 400,000 infected and has caused the death of more than 17 thousand people.

«Rare cases» that occurred in the US and Italy

On March 12, the Chinese Foreign Ministry reported that the US Army was responsible for introducing coronavirus 19 to Wuhan, the city where the first major outbreak of the infection was recorded.

The strange thing about the case is that the two countries that were initially most affected are precisely two nations classified by Washington as «enemies» and «threats» to the United States: China and Iran.

Amid Trump’s accusations and the media message seeking to impose the phrase «the Wuhan coronavirus,» the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Robert Redfield, admitted during the House of Representatives Oversight Committee, that some Americans who apparently died of influenza in 2019 tested positive for COVID-19 posthumously.

Redfield’s claim not only brings down the theory of the Chinese virus, but also gives rise to another: The United States had knowledge of the virus, possibly created it, released it to see its lethal behavior, got its treatment, hid it and launched it as a biological weapon against the two countries that they cannot and do not dare to engage militarily.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian replied: «Some influenza deaths were actually infected with COVID-19», admitted CDC’s Robert Redfield in the House of Representatives. The United States reported 34 million cases of influenza and 20 thousand deaths. How many are related to COVID-19?

Against this background, Lijian described it as «absolutely incorrect and inappropriate» to call this virus the «Chinese coronavirus», when its origin is actually American.

COVID-19 could have been created between the US and Israel

Philip Giraldi, a former official with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), believes that his country could have “created” the so-called COVID-19, in collaboration with the Israeli government, as a biological warfare weapon to harm China and Iran; and in the case of the Israelis, to use it against Palestine.

This affirmation is added to the one of several analyzes that do not discard the leading role of the US to give rise to the pandemic that affects 97% of the planet and that has set off the alarms of the World Health Organization (WHO).

To this reality, are added statements by the director of the Institute of Pharmacological Research, Mario Negri from Milan (Italy), Dr. Giuseppe Remuzzi who indicated that before knowing about the first cases in Wuhan, in Italy, they observed and diagnosed people with a very » strange and very severe type of pneumonia».

«They (general practitioners) recall observing a very strange, very severe type of pneumonia, particularly in older people, in December or even November (…) This means that the virus was circulating, at least in (the region of) Lombardy before we knew that this outbreak was happening in China», said the Italian specialist for the National Public Radio in the United States.

Remuzzi’s remarks make specialists think that SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 could have infected a multitude of patients in Italy since 2019.

Gringo virus made in the USA?

In parallel, Chinese specialists also recall cases that could suggest that the virus had been circulating since before the outbreak. In Wuhan, «pneumonia with an unknown case» was detected in December, but a national media report suggested the first case could go back to mid-November. Officially, the first case in Wuhan was confirmed on December 1, 2019.

If it is confirmed that already in 2019 the virus was circulating in the transalpine country, the aforementioned theory of the start of the outbreak in Italy would be ruled out, which ensures that the infection reached Lombardy due to the contact of a Chinese citizen with an Italian one.

In 2019, in the United States, there was a strange outbreak of pulmonary fibrosis that caused death, due to the inability of patients to breathe. At that time it was assured in the media that these victims could be related to the use of vapers.

Faced with these theories, will the mainstream media dare to leave the phrase «Wuhan coronavirus» to replace it with «Gringo virus» or «American coronavirus», or will they get to headline: COVID-19 is «Made in USA»?

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