Does Duque want a war? His despicable comparison of Maduro with Milosevic

Colombian President Iván Duque recently made an odious comparison that involved his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolás Maduro

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Colombian President Iván Duque recently made an odious comparison that involved his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolás Maduro. The Uribista said that Maduro is «the equivalent» in Latin America of the former president of Serbia and Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic. The latter was harassed by the United States, NATO and the UN, being described as a «dictator» and a «war criminal.»

After Milosevic was labeled with those qualifiers, the media war against his presidency and his image intensified. Even the international community believed it was just and necessary to remove him from power, so they ‘built up a case’ so as to carry out a foreign military invasion.

The same technique is being applied today against Venezuela and the Government of President Nicolás Maduro. Therefore, it is not surprising that Duque makes statements that seek to justify any action against Venezuelans. For years, his confessed intention is to overthrow a government elected in 2018 with more than 60% support.

Alias Popeye, Pablo Escobar Gaviria’s main hitman, along with Iván Duque

This is how Duque lies, without evidence and with impunity

Duque’s words were: “It is the most brutal dictatorship we have seen in recent times in Latin America. I have not felt any shyness in having to say that Maduro can be compared to Slobodan Milosevic, in the case of Latin America».

His statements were made during «a virtual conversation organized by the Inter-American Dialogue study center, based in Washington». Later, they were made public by the EFE agency.

Duque says that «the evidence shows that (Maduro) has a continuous attitude of violating all forms of human rights». But, his words only inflame the Colombian people, because crimes against humanity are committed daily in his country. Every day social leaders are murdered and massacres are committed in Colombia, at least 78 in 2020 alone.

Juan Guaidó, Iván Duque and Mike Pence

Duque compares Venezuela to Syria

Adding to his embarrassment, Duque also applauded Washington for backing the allegations against Maduro. The United States is the main executor of the total blockade against Caracas and the sabotage of its oil industry. The Colombian president also celebrates the theft of billions of dollars from the Venezuelan State that are in the international financial market.

Likewise, Duque was proud to recall that he himself filed a complaint against Maduro before the International Criminal Court (ICC). However, he forgot to say that it was like the one he previously brought before the UN, loaded with false news and lies.

Syrian civilians after the bombing of US and NATO troops in Syria

For this reason, Duque assures that he exerts, from his «government», «all the pressure necessary to put an end to this dictatorship». «When we think that the most important migration crisis has been Syria (a country attacked militarily by the United States), this year we would be surprised to see Venezuela», he said.

“The crisis in Syria” – he added – “was based on data from five million migrants as a result of the crisis (generated by the foreign invasion). In this case (Venezuela), by the end of the year we are talking about more than six million. And Colombia has absorbed two million migrants (Venezuelans)”, assured a president who usually speaks without evidence and based on lies.


Four points so as to end Venezuela

Duque became one of the staunch allies of the Donald Trump administration against Venezuela. In his speech, he pointed out four important points to follow in order to end Venezuela.

“Get rid of the dictatorship, build a national coalition government with the Chavistas and with the leaders of the resistance; call for free elections and put into practice a recovery plan», said Duque.

The president declined to issue a «recommendation» to the incoming Joe Biden administration on how to address the situation in Venezuela. However, he defended as “important” the bipartisan and bicameral support against Venezuela; and that pressure, sanctions and calls from the international community should be maintained.

What Slobadan Milosevic Taught Me About Donald Trump
Slodoban Milosevic

The invasion of Yugoslavia

The NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 to overthrow Milosevic became known as Operation Allied Force. It was an invasion that ended in war, carried out by the majority of NATO member countries against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

The attacks took place from March 24 to June 11, 1999. The bombing was NATO’s second major war since its inception, after Operation Deliberate Force, in Bosnia.

The invasion was initiated unilaterally by NATO, without prior authorization from the UN Security Council. For this reason, the agency considers the bombings to be war crimes.

Intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky and Jean Bricmont condemned these attacks, arguing that they flagrantly violated the Charter of the United Nations.

The invasion against Yugoslavia was the first time that NATO used military force without the approval of the Security Council. These bombings killed 462 soldiers, 114 special policemen and almost 6,000 Yugoslav civilians. In addition, three Chinese journalists were killed in a bombing carried out against the embassy of the Asian country.

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