Jordan Goudreau: «The FBI wants to ‘disappear’ me to erase ties with Trump»

Jordan Goudreau, a former security escort to US President Donald Trump, was the military who articulated the failed Operation Gedeon that was carried out on May 3 and 4, 2020

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Jordan Goudreau, a former security escort to US President Donald Trump, was the military who articulated the failed Operation Gedeon that was carried out on May 3 and 4, 2020. Goudreau’s plan was to kidnap and / or assassinate the Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro. Today, he accuses Washington, specifically the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of trying to assassinate and disappear him.

The mercenary hired by Juan Guaidó compares himself to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and former NSA contractor turned whistleblower Edward Snowden. He did so during an interview he gave to Rolling Stone magazine, published in recent days.

Goudreau is ‘CEO’ of the private security firm Silvercorp, charged with executing the mercenary plot against Maduro. In the interview, he revealed that the FBI carried out a raid on his Florida home on May 21. In addition, he affirmed that federal agents want to assassinate him to erase the traces that link the White House with Operation Gedeon.

“I took off my shirt. They had no reason to carry out death-by-cop (a ‘suicide’ method in which a person points a gun at a policeman «forcing» the officer to shoot). They knew my background. They knew I had a gun«, he told Rolling Stone.

Goudreau said he is being investigated by the Justice Department, although no charges have been filed yet. Furthermore, he fears that they could easily lock him up for a long time, just as they want to do with Assange and Snowden.

Jordan Goudreau in Afghanistan

Goudreau seeks to ‘shelter’ himself in Assange and Snowden

«If the Justice Department wants to go after me, they can charge me for walking recklessly and then put me in prison for 20 fucking years», he said. Goudreau prepared the aforementioned operation in Colombia under the protection of the Uribe regime of Iván Duque.

It’s rare in this world to have guys like Julian Assange. It’s also weird for guys like Edward Snowden to actually see something that’s screwed up and say, ‘You know what? I’m going to try to fix it’. Do you know why it is weird? Because these governments come together and just destroy them”, said the former special forces soldier turned mercenary.

Likewise, he dismissed certain statements by Juan Guaidó and the Trump administration, as both deny their ties to the failed Operation Gedeon. He even claims that if it had been successful, they would instantly claim credit.

«If we had been successful, do you really think that Guaidó would have said: ‘It’s not us, we don’t want to have anything to do with this?’ Do you think Donald Trump would have said: ‘It wasn’t us’? Every son of a bitch I talked to would have said, ‘It was us! America, baby! They would have taken credit for everything. And if you say it’s not true, you’re pretty naive”, Goudreau insisted.

The contract with the firms of Goudreau, Juan Guaidó and Juan José Rendón

Goudreau filed a lawsuit for 1.4 million

Last November, Goudreau filed a $ 1.4 million breach of contract lawsuit. He did it before a Miami court and against Guaidó’s former adviser, Juan José Rendón.

Rendón claimed in May that the Venezuelan opposition cut ties with Goudreau. However, the mercenary maintains that Guaidó and Rendón signed a ‘general services’ contract of $ 213 million with Silvercorp. Faced with the breach, he had to collect donations from Venezuelan migrants living in Colombia to finance his plan.

In his lawsuit, Goudreau also revealed that Erik Prince, founder of the private military firm Blackwater, offered a competitive offer to overthrow the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela.

In August, a Venezuelan court handed down 20-year prison sentences on Luke Denman and Airan Berry. They are both American mercenaries involved in Operation Gedeon. They were charged with the crimes of conspiracy, association, illicit trafficking in weapons of war and terrorism.

Previously, Goudreau himself declared to the Nuevo Herald that the White House – especially Trump – knew the details of the failed armed mercenary incursion in Venezuela. In fact, both Goudreau and Denman and Berry confessed that Trump was their ‘supreme boss’.

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